FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent - BOUBELLA-E

FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent - BOUBELLA-E

  • Unique delivery system
  • Excellent radial force
  • Optional anti-reflux valve
  • Outstanding radiopacity
  • Acid-resistant retrieval loop

Basic Description

FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent – Boubella-E is a reliable medical device intended for relief of obstructions in the esophagus, especially in its middle and lower parts. If the stent is deployed in lower part of the esophagus when reaching cardia and stomach, it can be equipped with an anti-reflux valve to prevent gastric reflux. Implantation of the stent can be performed under endoscopic or fluoroscopic guidance.


  • Boubella-E is designed for relieving malignant or benign esophageal strictures if standard operation is contraindicated. It can be used for treatment of esophagorespiratory fistulas as well.


  • Malignant or benign strictures in the upper part of esophagus close to the cricopharyngeal muscle.

Relative Contraindications

  • Use of the valved stent shall be carefully considered in patients after partial gastrectomy which produced small, horizontally lying gastric remnant. Distal end of migrated stent might impact into the gastric wall and consequently close the valve.

Additional Description

  • FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent – Boubella-E (Fig. 1) is made of stainless steel that has a great corrosion resistance and good radiopacity. The covering of the stent is made of PE foil.
  • Construction of segments that FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent – Boubella-E is made of guarantees an excellent expansion force and sufficiently high flexibility.
  • Flared proximal end of Boubella-E is partly uncovered, which reduces a migration rate of the stent. Boubella-E has the retrieval loop at its proximal end.
  • Boubella-E may be optionally equipped with an anti-reflux valve if it is to be implanted into lower part of the esophagus.
  • Rocket delivery system (Fig. 2) is equipped with splittable olive tip which automatically splits into two pieces and falls into the stomach. The delivery system is then removed without difficulty and the olive passes through the gastrointestinal tract without any complication.

Miscellaneous Important Facts

  • Stent shall be introduced by using the ultra stiff guide wire only. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) examination is recommended when the stent is firmly incorporated (approximately 8 weeks after implantation).
  • A patient with implanted FerX-ELLA Esophageal Stent should eat semi-solid food and drink plenty of liquid.
  • It shall be taken into account that compression along the longitudinal axis can reduce nominal stent length by 10-15 mm.
  • After releasing even a small part of the stent from the delivery system do not move the sheath forward! This may damage the foil between the segments and destroy the stent construction.


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